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Graphic Design Masterclass 2024 - Learn GREAT Design

The ultimate graphic design course which covers photoshop, illustrator, figma, design theory, branding and logo design

Created By Cybersoft Academy

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What you'll learn



Graphic design is all around us, like a chameleon blending into screens and papers. It’s all about using images and words to say, “Hey, look at me, I’ve got a message for you!” 📷🗣️


In this awesome 12 Week adventure, we’ll unlock the secrets of fancy graphic design. We’ll learn the magic behind creating beautiful visuals and typography that speak volumes. Plus, we’ll time travel through history to see how design has evolved over the ages!


But wait, there’s more! We’ll also dive into a super cool project where you get to show off your design skills. You’ll create a fantastic branding project that’s perfect for your professional portfolio. 🌟🎨


By the end of this journey, you’ll be armed with mad design skills that you can use in any design arena. 💪


So get ready to make art and talk through pictures like a design ninja! Join us on this wild ride and let’s rock the graphic design world together! 🚀🎉

Course Contents

Week 1 - Introduction to Graphic Design (Value ₹2499)

  • What is Graphic Design
  • Understanding the role of graphic design in various industries
  • Exploring design principles: balance, contrast, hierarchy, alignment, and repetition
  • Introduction to graphic design software (Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator)

Week 2 - Typography Fundamentals (Value ₹3499)

  • Learning the basics of typography and font selection
  • Creating typographic compositions and layouts
  • How to pick correct font
  • How to pair font
  • How to download & install font

Week 3 - Color Theory and Application (Value ₹3299)

  • Understanding meaning of color
  • Color harmony 
  • Creating color pallets
  • How to pick color for your design
  • Creating duotone color effect

Week 4 - Image Editing and Manipulation - Part 1 (Photoshop) (Value ₹10,499)

  • Understanding the tools of photoshop
  • Understanding layers in photoshop
  • Layout & composition
  • How to draw shapes
  • Creating color swatches
  • How to manipulate colors of any photos
  • How to retouch photos

Week 5 - Image Editing and Manipulation - Part 2 (Photoshop) (Value ₹10,499)

  • Work with smart object
  • Banner creation
  • Finding inspiration
  • Creating youtube thumbnail
  • Creating social media post
  • Using photoshop templates
  • Creating mockup

Week 6 - Vector Graphics and Illustrations - Part 1 (Illustrator) (Value ₹15,299)

  • Understanding Adobe Illustrator
  • Tools introduction and uses
  • Icon creation
  • Pen tool uses
  • Pattern creation

Week 7 - Vector Graphics and Illustrations - Part 2 (Illustrator) (Value ₹14,699)

  • Introduction to Logo design
  • Finding inspiration for logo
  • Logo mockup
  • Logo presentation

Week 8 - Branding and Identity Design (Value ₹12,499)

  • Introduction to branding 
  • Creating branding guide for a business
  • Branding guide inspiration
  • Identity design
  • Design trends in 2024

Week 9 - Designing for Social Media and Marketing (Value ₹17,499)

  • Post & story design for instagram
  • Advertisement design
  • Undestanding canva tools
  • Creating carousel design

Week 10 - Portfolio Development and Final Projects (Value ₹18,499)

  • How to create eye-catching portfolio
  • Behance account creation
  • Dribble account creation
  • Creation of your job ready CV

Week 10 - Freelancing Guide (Value ₹18,499)

  • Introduction to freelancing
  • How to standout in the market place
  • How to get clients from social media
  • Fiverr account creation
  • How to find work in internshala
  • Proposals templates

Bonus #2: Week 12 - Questions Answer Session (Value ₹15,499)

  • Clear any doubts
  • Where to go from here.

Note: We will hold weekly live class every Saturday from 4:00PM to 6:00 PM on Google Meet.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to...

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

If you do not get any value from the training we are offering a 30-day unconditional Money Back Guarantee. Simply contact us within 30 Days of Purchase for a full refund. No questions asked!

Real Reviews from Real Students

Listen to our students what they are saying...

"What I loved about this course is they do not include any unwanted boring lessons..."

When I purchased the course I was a complete beginner. Today I finished my second last class. What I loved about this course is they do not include any unwanted boring lessons. In every class, I learned something new. The most important lesson I learned apart from coding and designing is how to solve problems. Plus, the reality of being a freelancer entrepreneur. I’m very confident now that in my career these skills will stand me out.

Anish Das

"In every class, I learned something new..."

At first I couldn’t believe I would learn so much in this course. But after joining, I have learned website designing, development, coding, freelancing and much more. I have joined many courses in the past but this one is totally different. The way they teach is very unique and easy to understand. Tubai sir and Kalim sir totally make sure that I understand every concepts. Now I have my own website which I have build and started my freelancing career.

Adib Hossain

"I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become a freelancer..."

Cybersoft Academy is good for learning digital marketing skills for your career starter. It’s given me a basic knowledge of WordPress website-making, some business formulas, and dealing with client skills in a short time period. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be starting a freelancing career in digital marketing and web development skills.

Samrat Mondal

"I have learned a lot.."

From this course I have learned a lot of new things, earlier I had no idea about website development, design, & copywriting but now I have learned a lot. And best of all, our instructors always helped us when we needed it.

Tithi Mondal

"This course is perfect who want to learn website development"

I like the most of all the way they supported me every moment and taught me patiently. According to me this course is perfect those who want to learn this website development.

Tuhin Ghosal

Course Instructor

Suman Mondal

Hey there! I'm all about creating visual stories – whether it's cool logos or awesome layouts. I've got this cool trick of mixing creativity with strategy. Let's jump into the design universe and unleash your creative superpowers together!

Tubai Purkait

A self-taught digital marketer that likes to help people & educate them about the internet marketing industry. He wants to show and teach other people how to make money online and start a real business for themselves.

Kalim Aziz

Kalim is a full-stack developer, internet marketer, & the co-founder of Cybersoft Digital. Over the years, he have worked with some iconic brands from around the world. He is passionate about tech & helping people to start a career in digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a LIVE Online course. Every Sunday we will start the class on Google Meet. Once you enroll in the course you’ll get private meeting room link.

We strongly recommend you to be present in the LIVE class for your own good. However if you miss it don’t worry. We will share the full class recordings with you. 

Without a working PC or Laptop you cannot perform any kind of development. It is mandatory to have a PC or Laptop for this course.

No, you do not need to purchase any paid software. However on Day 3 you need to purchase a domain name & server for your own live website which costs between 1500 INR to 2000 INR. 

Absolutely! My team and I are happy to support you! Email us at and we’ll get back you to shortly. 

₹5999 INR

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

This course includes:

₹5999 INR

₹50,000 INR

88% off