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Speak English with Confidence in Just 90 Days or Less from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Improve your english communication skills. Read, write and speak more professionally & confidently in english on any topics.

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What you'll learn



If your answer is “YES” to any of the above questions then you are in the right place.

This course will help you reach that goal. Speak English Professionally: In person, Online and On the Phone.

In this 12 week course, you will learn how to identify and make a strong personal introduction in English.

You will develop and demonstrate the speaking skills for group discussions: how to agree or disagree, how to clarify, restate and summarize.

You will review and practice how to give information and respond to requests on the phone.

You will study and role play effective interviewing. You will prepare and give a sales “pitch”, introducing a product or service.

"Communication is one of the most important skills you require for a successful life.”

Throughout the course, you will adjust how you speak English and you will become more fluent and accurate when you speak.


You will demonstrate culturally appropriate body language and tone. As you work through the course, you will complete self- and peer-evaluations.


Through a combination of lectures, comprehension and vocabulary quizzes, practice and performance, you’ll gain the skills and confidence to communicate well in English, anywhere in the world.

Course Contents

Week 1: Introduction to Spoken English

  • Understanding the importance of communication skills in English
  • Common phrases and expressions for everyday conversation
  • Basic grammar and sentence structure

Week 2: Pronunciation Practice

  • Common pronunciation mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Exercises to improve your pronunciation and intonation
  • Listening comprehension exercises

Week 3-4: Building Vocabulary

  • Learning new words and phrases for different contexts
  • Using synonyms and antonyms to express yourself more effectively
  • Strategies for remembering vocabulary

Week 5-6: Grammar and Sentence Structure

  • Noun, verb, adjective, adverb usage and placement
  • Present, past, and future tenses
  • Simple and complex sentence construction

Week 7-8: Advanced Conversation Skills

  • Discussion and debate skills
  • Strategies for expressing opinions and ideas effectively
  • Active listening skills

Week 9-10: Cultural Communication

  • Understanding cultural differences in communication
  • Etiquette and customs for different situations
  • How to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts

Week 11-12: Public Speaking and Presentations

  • Techniques for confident public speaking in English
  • Strategies for delivering effective presentations
  • Practice sessions with feedback and evaluation

Bonus #1: How to write professional emails in English

Learn how to craft emails that are clear, concise, and effective in any professional setting. From subject lines to sign-offs, we’ll cover it all.

Bonus #2: How to communicate effectively in English during an interview

Learn how to confidently answer interview questions in English, articulate your strengths, and leave a lasting impression on your interviewer. Enroll now and take the first step towards a successful career!

Bonus #3: How to confidently communicate with anyone in English over phone

Learn how to confidently communicate with anyone in English over phone, whether it’s for business or personal purposes.

Note: We will hold weekly live class every Saturday from 4:00PM to 6:00 PM on Google Meet.

By the end of this course, you'll be able to...

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Real Reviews from Real Students

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"What I loved about this course is they do not include any unwanted boring lessons..."

When I purchased the course I was a complete beginner. Today I finished my second last class. What I loved about this course is they do not include any unwanted boring lessons. In every class, I learned something new. The most important lesson I learned apart from coding and designing is how to solve problems. Plus, the reality of being a freelancer entrepreneur. I’m very confident now that in my career these skills will stand me out.

Anish Das

"I am now confident in my ability..."

I highly recommend this website development course to anyone looking to start their own online business or just want to learn how to create a website. The step-by-step tutorials were easy to follow and understand, even for someone with no coding experience like myself. The course not only taught me how to build a website but also provided valuable information on how to monetize it and turn it into a profitable venture. I am now confident in my ability to create and manage my own website, and I have the instructor to thank for that. Thank you!

Subhasis Mondal

"In every class, I learned something new..."

At first I couldn’t believe I would learn so much in this course. But after joining, I have learned website designing, development, coding, freelancing and much more. I have joined many courses in the past but this one is totally different. The way they teach is very unique and easy to understand. Tubai sir and Kalim sir totally make sure that I understand every concepts. Now I have my own website which I have build and started my freelancing career.

Adib Hossain

"The lessons were easy to follow..."

This website development course exceeded my expectations. The lessons were comprehensive and easy to follow, the instructor was knowledgeable and responsive. Thank you so much!!!

Anajit Pramanick

"I never thought building a website could be so fun..."

I never thought building a website could be so fun, but this course proved me wrong. Thanks, it’s a blast!”

Suman Mondal

"I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to become a freelancer..."

Cybersoft Digital Academy is good for learning digital marketing skills for your career starter. It’s given me a basic knowledge of WordPress website-making, some business formulas, and dealing with client skills in a short time period. I highly recommend it to anyone who wants to be starting a freelancing career in digital marketing and web development skills.

Samrat Mondal

Course Instructor

Sanghamitra Pal

As an experienced and passionate spoken english teacher, who has helped countless students to communicate with confidence and fluency. With a focus on conversation practice and personalized instruction, her classes are engaging, fun, and effective.

Tubai Purkait

A a self-taught digital marketer who enjoys educating others in the internet marketing industry. He aims to empower individuals to generate income online and establish authentic businesses. His mission is to share his knowledge and expertise to help people succeed in the digital world.

Kalim Aziz

Kalim is a full-stack developer, internet marketer, & the co-founder of Cybersoft Digital. Over the years, he have worked with some iconic brands from around the world. He is passionate about tech & helping people to start a career in digital marketing.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a LIVE Online course. Every Sunday we will start the class on Google Meet. Once you enroll in the course you’ll get private meeting room link.

We strongly recommend you to be present in the LIVE class for your own good. However if you miss it don’t worry. We will share the full class recordings with you. 

Our teaching methods include a variety of activities such as role-plays, group discussions, and listening comprehension exercises. We also provide individual feedback and correction to help you improve your English skills.

Classes are typically held once or twice a week, depending on the course format and schedule.

The duration of each class varies depending on the course format and schedule. Typically, classes range from 60-90 minutes.

We will provide all necessary materials for the class. However, we may recommend additional textbooks or resources for you to use outside of class to further improve your English skills.

Yes, you can join through your phone.

Absolutely! My team and I are happy to support you! Email us at and we’ll get back you to shortly. 

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30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

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₹5999 INR

₹25,000 INR

95% off

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